Welcoming the New Year with ACEPHE

The Great ACEPHE Christmas Gathering was an opportunity for all those people with care-experience working and/or studying in Higher Education to meet up. We enjoyed mince pies and a quiz, a discussion about the pleasures & challenges of being a CEP student at Xmas and the structure for Steering Committee which would include care experienced, undergraduate, masters, doctoral and non care experienced roles.

  • Steering Committee: once a month, via Zoom
  • Meetings for care experienced in HE: every two months
  • Meetings including non care experienced: every six months
  • Workshops: as appropriate
  • Annual Conference/event

Exciting future dates for your diaries:

Date Closed or Open Details
6th February 2021 Closed  Navigating the chaotic and confusing world of academic publishing with Dr Neil Harrison, Deputy Director of the Rees Centre, Senior Researcher and Associate Professor
10th April 2021 Closed Social
15th May 2021 Closed How to feel like you belong: Understanding and Navigating Imposter Syndrome with Dr Stephanie Carty, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
TBC (July/ Aug 2021) Open Showcasing great work in Australia: Joanna Humphries ‘Raising Expectations”

To register your interest for any event please email Rosie: rc11g14@soton.ac.uk for the Zoom invitation.

We also discussed OUR AIMS


  • Seek to increase the visibility of the care-experienced community with all levels and areas of work in Higher Education
  • To challenge negative perceptions of people with care experience through enhancing public visibility of care-experienced people in HE
  • To establish a collective voice that can influence policy strategically to ensure that the needs of care-experienced people of all ages in HE are able to access financial, social and emotional support to support their success


  • To develop opportunities for care-experienced people in Higher Education to get to know each other
  • Provide spaces for networking and supportive peer relationships to assist in supporting each other, offering personal experiences and insight into University processes, study and finance
  • To develop relationships internationally between people with care experience working and/or studying in Higher Education


  • To provide a platform to promote the academic contributions made by people with care experience in a broad range of disciplines
  • To showcase the important contributions made by care experienced people to the understanding and insight into what it means to spend time growing up in care and the challenges and strengths of CEP across the life course
  • To promote the use of scholarship on the care-experience within our teaching to challenges negative expectations, reduce stigma and increase awareness of the need to listen to the voices of people with care-experience.

We’d like to take this chance to say we look forward to meeting you in 2021 and wish everyone a very Healthy and Happy New Year.

Rosie, Cat, Dee and Jim

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